Πέμπτη, 26 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Τρωνε, πινουν και την Αρτα φοβεριζουν. Who broke into the Amman office of ex-patriarch Irineos' attorney; Οι συνειρμοι σε ορισμενες περιπτωσεις ειναι και αναποφευκτοι...

The Amman office of the law firm representing former Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Irineos was broken into before dawn yesterday. The perpetrators destroyed equipment and property in the office of Attorney Fahd Abu ai-Atham, formerly Jordan's justice minister.

Irineos was recently ousted from office for his alleged involvement in the sale of patriarchate properties in Jerusalem to Jewish right-wingers. Sources in the patriarchy said that Minister without Portfolio Tzachi Hanegbi is pressuring the former patriarch to complete the real estate sale.

Irineos hired Abu al-Atham to represent him in a suit against the Jordanian government. He claims that the government's rescinding its recognition of him derives from an error. Abu al-Atham's agreement to represent Irineos drew fire from many quarters in Jordan, and the media reported the affair closely. Abu al-Atham heads the large Nousor tribe in Jordan. It is not clear who is behind the breaking and entering.

A few hours before the office was broken the office into, the new Greek Patriarch Theophilus III of Jerusalem visited Jordan. Jordanian Interior Minister Awni Yirfas insisted that the new patriarch uphold Jordanian law. This requires Theophilus to conduct property affairs transparently, set up a joint council for religious leaders and community leaders, and appoint two bishops for the Greek Orthodox Synod.

Irineos' lawyer in Jerusalem yesterday petitioned  the district court against the companies registered as the leasers of the properties the church allegedly sold.

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