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Who Sold 50 Hectares of Property In Jerusalem? ΑΝΤΕΧΕΙΣ ΝΑ ΤΟ ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕΙΣ??

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sold over 200 properties and apartments, all in expensive neightbourhoods of Jerusalem, to a mysterious group of companies last year. Since then, nervousness has broken out among the inhabitants of Talbiya, Rechavia and Nayot... This article appears in the current Augoust/September 2017 issue of Israel Today

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Σε βρωμικη και πολυ σκοτεινη περιοδο η Αγιοταφιτικη Αδελφοτητα. Η ιδια βεβαια το αποφασισε οταν το 2005 ανοιξε τις Πυλες της Κολασεως. Και ιδου τωρα τα φρεσκα νεα απο τους ισραηλινους ντελαληδες: Greek Orthodox Church sold land near iconic Jaffa clock tower - report , The Times of Israel , 18/07/2017 που θα αναρτησουμε συντομα. ΓΙΑ ΕΜΑΣ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΥΧΑΙΟ ΟΤΙ ΟΙ ΑΠΑΝΩΤΕΣ ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΕΙΣ ΑΡΧΙΣΑΝ ΜΕΤΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣΦΑΤΗ ΕΠΙΣΚΕΨΗ-ΑΣΤΡΑΠΗ ΣΤΟ ΙΣΡΑΗΛ ΤΟΥ ΤΖΑΡΕΝΤ ΚΟΥΣΝΕΡ, ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΟ ΚΑΙ ΓΑΜΠΡΟ ΤΟΥ ΠΛΑΝΗΤΑΡΧΗ ΝΤΟΝΑΛΝΤ ΤΡΑΜΠ, ΜΕ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ ΤΗ ΝΕΑ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΑΝΙΚΗ ΠΡΟΣΠΑΘΕΙΑ ΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΝΑΒΙΩΣΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΙΡΗΝΕΥΤΙΚΗΣ ΔΙΑΔΙΚΑΣΙΑΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ ΜΕΣΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΚΟ ΠΟΥ ΠΕΡΙΛΑΜΒΑΝΕΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΙΣ ΣΥΖΗΤΗΣΕΙΣ ΓΙΑ  ΤΙΣ ΕΔΑΦΙΚΕΣ ΔΙΕΚΔΙΚΗΣΕΙΣ.

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RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Greek Orthodox Church secretly sold 500 dunams (124 acres) of land in West Jerusalem to undisclosed Israeli developers, giving rise to angry calls for the patriarch to be removed.
SummaryPrint Arabs in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem are calling for the church to remove Patriarch Theophilos III from office for selling church-owned land in West Jerusalem to Israeli developers, but there is no sign their voices will be heard.
The leading Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist revealed the story June 27, though the sale quietly took place in August 2016. The deal is sparking controversy within official and nonofficial Orthodox groups in Palestine and Jordan, and stoking worry among the 1,500 households whose subleases will expire in about 30 years. The church in the 1950s granted a 99-year lease to the Jewish National Fund. Typically, such leases on church-owned property are renewed, and the people who subleased the property, along with their families, had expected to remain there.
The secret deal came to light after the church filed a complaint with the District Court of Jerusalem against the Israeli municipality, seeking documents proving the church is no longer bound to pay taxes to the municipality when ownership is transferred.
The Orthodox community in Palestine and Jordan is accusing Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan of diverting church lands to Israel and is demanding he be removed from office.
In a July 3 meeting, 14 local Orthodox institutions agreed to stop all forms of dialogue with Theophilos III and the synod, and to form a mini-secretariat to follow up on all protest actions and popular movements, calling for withholding Palestinian and Jordanian recognition of Theophilos III.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is subject to the provisions of Jordanian law, which regulates relations between the patriarchate and members of the church in both Palestine and Jordan. Under Jordanian law, the patriarch is entrusted with the church’s properties and lands and is not allowed to sell them. This means Jordan could pressure Theophilos and go as far as revoking his citizenship, since, upon inauguration, patriarchs become holders of Jordanian passports.
However, since his inauguration as the head of the Orthodox church in 2005, Theophilos III has been associated with several deals, selling or leasing the church’s lands to Israel without being officially challenged, despite protests and campaigns by Orthodox groups.
This indicates that Theophilos III is supported by the Palestinian Authority (PA), Jordan and Israel, Alif al-Sabbagh, a member of the Arab Central Orthodox Council in Palestine and Jordan, told Al-Monitor.
Sabbagh said Theophilos III was inaugurated after former Patriarch Irenaios was dismissed in 2005 for allegedly selling real estate to Israel; a Palestinian investigation committee formed by the PA at that time acquitted Irenaios of that accusation.
The recent deal prompted the Arab Central Orthodox Council to call upon Jordanian and Palestinian authorities June 30 to remove Theophilos and ban him and his synod from visiting Palestinian and Jordanian lands. These demands were submitted to the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches' Affairs in Palestine, which convened July 3.
Committee Chairman Hanna Amira told Al-Monitor the committee advised that the demands be submitted to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, and recommended that legal and professional experts examine the deal's details.
Though the Palestinian government denounced the deal July 2, critics were not convinced that anything would change. Sabbagh told Al-Monitor that Palestinian and Jordanian leaders need to end the dominance of Greek monks over the patriarchate. He noted that those “who divert lands to the Israeli authorities” — a jab at the patriarchate — should not be supported by any authority.
“The Palestinian and Jordanian authorities had approved the dismissal of Patriarch Irenaios based on false accusations that he was diverting lands in the Bab al-Khalil area. Theophilos, however, is signing deals one after another [despite] well-documented proof of that presented to the PA, and [he has] yet to be removed from office,” Sabbagh said.
“Theophilos has unmatched Israeli and American support,” he said, referring to apparent American and Israeli pressure on the Palestinian and Jordanian authorities to keep the patriarch in his position.
The Jordanian parliament, however, did take some action. On July 6, 112 Jordanian parliamentarians signed a memorandum, which was handed to parliamentary speaker Atef Tarawneh, calling on Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki to “summon Theophilos to Amman in order to put an end to his actions and that of his synod, after he let go of more than 500 dunams of the church-owned land.”
Furthermore, 40 Jordanian parliamentarians issued a joint statement July 2 calling on the Jordanian and Palestinian governments to intervene to cancel Theophilos’ deals, which they described as “contempt of the Christian Orthodox church in Jerusalem.”
Amira denied any PA favoritism of Theophilos, saying, "PA relations with all churches are the same. There is no favoritism whatsoever. However, calls and demands for having high-ranking Arab monks in the church instead of Greek monks who occupy the patriarchate, or to [remove] Theophilos III, remain far-fetched. But these church issues could be reviewed in order to improve things.”
Khalil al-Tafkji, mapping department director at the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem, told Al-Monitor, “The [August] deal is not the first deal struck by the Orthodox church with Israel. However, this deal is priceless because the lands are located in the most important and best neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem.”


Palestinian organizations demand trial of Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem

Several Palestinian Orthodox organizations in Jerusalem and Bethlehem condemned the land-selling deal that went on between Israeli investors and businessmen and the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.
The church had sold hundreds of acres of Palestinian land to Israel last month.

The organizations joined a protest outside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on Sunday, where they demanded that Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem is dismissed from his position for “his role in giving away the church’s property to Israel.”

The Central Orthodox Council and the Arab Orthodox Youth in Palestine demanded that the Patriarch is trialled for his actions, while anyone who cooperated with him on the Israel deal should be fired from their position.

The council said in a statement that “those who are conspiring against their Christian presence in the holy land have betrayed the church and its religious and nationalistic message.”

They added that the church has “sold their identity and have not preserved their land and Arab Christian identity the way they were meant to, because without land, there is no identity.”

Nabil Mashhoor of the council said that “it is time for Orthodox Arabs to demand that this corruption comes to an end as it has been violating our rights for hundreds of years.”


Jordan's MP's demand Greek Orthodox Church cancels land sale to Israelis

A number of members of the House of Representatives on Saturday issued a statement demanding the Greek Orthodox Patriarch cancel the sale of more than 500 dunums of land in central Jerusalem to Israeli investors.

This comes after the Israeli newspaper Calcalist revealed that the Patriarch had sold around 500 dunams of land to Israel. The sale was disclosed in the financial daily on Tuesday, following a petition by Patriarch Theophilos III asking the Jerusalem municipality to provide a document stating that there was no lien on these lands.

This would mean that in 30 years, when the leases expire, around 1,500 families living there will have to negotiate with Israeli developers.

The statement, issued by 38 MPs, said that the attempt to abandon even a part of the land of Palestine in favor of the Israel “constitutes a betrayal of the homeland and the Palestinian people resisting the Israeli occupier to gain independence and freedom.”

They claimed that it is the moral responsibility as deputies for the Jordanian people to protect Palestine and the Orthodox Christian community.

“We support the statement issued by the Central Council and the Arab Orthodox youth and the need for intervention by the Jordanian and Palestinian governments to pressure Theophilos and his associates to cancel the sale of more than 500 dunums of the Christian Orthodox endowment to Zionist investors, in full disregard of all commitments made previously on himself and in front of legal entities,” the statement read.

The statement went on to criticise Theophilos for selling the land, despite his status as “a man of religion trusted by the people.”

Meanwhile, the Patriarch denied selling land or property, claiming that these lands have been under control of the Israeli occupation since 1951.

They expressed their right to serve and protect their lands, property and religious sanctuaries in the Old City of Jerusalem, and 67 other districts that are under occupation in the West Bank.

The Greek Orthodox Church is the second-largest owner of land in the country, after the Israel Land Authority. Land acquisitions in the past gave it ownership over extensive lands in West Jerusalem, primarily in Talbieh, Rehavia, Nayot and the Valley of the Cross.


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ΠΟΥΛΗΣΕ ΓΗ ΤΟ ΠΑΤΡΙΑΡΧΕΙΟ ΙΕΡΟΣΟΛΥΜΩΝ: "Orthodox Church in Jerusalem sells land to Israel"

The Eastern Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem has sold around 500 dunams of land to Israel, leading Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist revealed on Tuesday.
According to the Israeli newspaper the land which the Orthodox Church sold is for Jewish investors and businessmen.
Quds Net News, a local Palestinian news agency, noted that this is the second time the church has sold Israel large amounts of land in recent years. About two years ago the Orthodox Church sold some 1,000 dunams to an Israeli enterprise, the agency said.
The secret deal came to light after the Church filed a complaint against the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem, seeking documents to prove that transferring ownership of the land to the municipality would mean they stopped paying taxes.
It also revealed that two years ago the Church sold 200 dunams in Al-Talibiyeh neighbourhood in Jerusalem to a group of unidentified investors, noting that Palestinian residents that owned the land feared that the investors would force them out of their homes after they completed the 30-year lease.
On why they kept the deal secret, the Church told the Calcalist: “There are certain sides inside and outside the country, some of them are enemies, have worked and are working to undermine this deal.”
The Church continued: “Therefore, for the interest of Jerusalem’s residents and for the interest of Israel, it is very necessary to carry out the deal and its details secretly.”
According to the Calcalist, the land was sold for NIS 38 million ($10.7 million), in addition to NIS 76million ($21.5million) paid by a company supervised by an Israeli lawyer in 2011.
Quds Net News said that the same Church sold the Franciscan Monastery, estimated to be 1,000 dunams, to an Israeli firm. The Church said that it sold the monastery because it needed the funds.

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